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Moulding and Baseboard Trim in Orlando, FL

Add Croun Mould to your home  to bring out the elegance of your room. You'll be surprised how it will transform your room and add value to you home.

Install 5-1/4 baseboard to complete your project. These enhancements will make your home truly your castle. 

Improve Your Home With New Moulding and Trim

As stated, new moulding and baseboard trim in Orlando, FL or a nearby community for your home adds elegance and beauty to your home's interior. However, that's not the only benefit! This investment also helps protect surfaces like walls from damage from furniture. Additionally, new moulding and trim seals gaps between ceilings, floors, and walls; this keeps fungi, bacteria, moisture, and even pests from entering your home from the outside. Don't forget that this investment also helps hide interior imperfections, creates smooth transitions from room to room, and increases your home value over time.

Below is a gallery of stocked items.

5-1/4 #688 Baseboard
1.29 ft-20.64 16' stick

5-1/4 #5180 Baseboard
1.29 ft- 20.64 16' stick

5-1/4 Crown Moulding
1.29 ft- 20.64 16' stick

1 x 4 x 11/16 x  17
1.29 ft-21.93 17' stick

1 x 6 x 11/16 x 17
1.89 ft - 32.13 17' stick

5-1/4 Victorian Base Board
1.89 ft- 30.24 -16' stick

1/4 Round
.69 ft- 11.04 16' stick

Shoe Mould
.69ft- 11.04 16' stick

Baby Howe

Brick Mould
33.79 stick 

Clam Casing
6.99- 7ft stick

3-1/4 Basebaord
1.49ft- 23.84 16' stick

Colonial Casing
6.99-7' stick

Delta Howe

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