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How to Find the Right Door for Your Space

Getting a new door installed can make a huge difference in your home. You might need door replacement because your door is damaged, or because it’s just outdated. Regardless of the reason, you want to make sure you’re getting the right door for your space. Keep the following factors in mind when choosing your next door replacement.

Type of Door

There are a lot of different types of doors available for different rooms in your home. Interior doors, exterior doors, glass doors, patio doors, and screen doors, just to name a few. You’ll want to make sure you’re purchasing the right type of door for the space. For instance, you don’t need a heavy exterior door for an interior room. If you’re unsure of what to choose, you should consult with contractors in your area. These professionals can advise you on which door would best suit the needs of the space.

The Size of the Space

Another factor to consider will be the size of the space. According to This Old House, doors can come in many different sizes, but the standard door height is 80 inches. If you have an unusual door size, you might need to get a custom-made door. There are professionals in your area that can help you with this. An expert door and trim company will be able to assist you.

The Purpose of the Door

The purpose of the door may also play into the type of door you choose as well. For instance, if you’re hoping to increase the security of your home, you might choose a heavy metal door. If you want to add decoration and style, though, you might choose a door that is more ornamental than secure. Door and trim professionals can help you make these important decisions when you’re choosing a new door.

Other Considerations

When choosing a new door you should also keep in mind the hardware involved. You’ll need hinges and door knobs as well. Door knobs come in a variety of styles and finishes to suit your taste. You might even opt for getting antique door knobs to create a truly distinctive door.

These are just a few things to consider when choosing new doors. If you’re looking for door and trim services, please contact Atlantic Door & Trim today.

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